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How to Replace a Toilet Seat

How to Replace a Toilet Seat

If your toilet seat is showing years of use, it may be time to replace it.  There's really not that much to it, its one of the easiest plumbing repairs you can make.  If you can replace the toilet paper roll, then you should have no problems installing a new toilet set.

Here's a short video to help.


How To Clean A Sink Trap

How To Clean A Sink Trap

If you need to take your sink trap below your sink apart for any reason, it would not be a bad plan to clean it out. You'd be amazed at the amount of gunk actually gets caught in a sink drain that isn't clear or free of debris.

Here's a quick video showing you how to clean your sink trap.


Lawn Sprinkler Dos and Don’ts

Lawn Sprinkler Dos and Don'ts

Here are some important automatic lawn sprinkler system tips to keep your sprinklers functioning properly.


Unclogging a Drain Without Toxic Chemicals

Unclogging a Drain Without Toxic Chemicals

Here is some advice for cleaning out a drain without the usage of  toxic chemicals.




Turning Off Your Main Water Valve

Knowing how to, and being able to turn off your main water valve is vitally important to know.  This can save you from a ton of water damage.  Here's a video explaning the procedure.



How to Adjust Your Water Heater to Save Energy

Here are some money saving tips concerning your water heater, and ways to save energy.





How to Safely Clean a Garbage Disposal

How to Safely Clean a Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals are an incredible handy appliance in your kitchen.  However there are certain do's and dont's.  Check out this video about the best ways to safely clean your garbage disposal.




Basic Plumbing Repairs

Basic Plumbing Repairs

In general, it is advised to have a professional plumber deal with your plumbing issues without delay because he or she has the expertise in order to get the project done quickly and efficiently. And, it's a good idea to call a plumber as soon as you determine something is wrong – dismissing the predicament usually means that you will pay out more in the long run.

Your main water pipes ought to run and flow efficiently and any difficulty with them should most certainly be investigated by a professional. He or she has the equipment and knowledge to repair specific problems associated with these pipes and knows the way to turn water on and off at the main water line outside your house. He knows the best ways to eliminate issues with gas lines in and outside also. He knows about what to do with any leakages that might be in the lines and can adeptly replace and repair pipe fittings.

Plumbing repair usually involves some type of maintenance of your sewage system by the plumber. A well-qualified plumber knows how to expertly evaluate your system and deal with any form of intrusion that might

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Water Heater Information and Recommendations

Water Heater Information and Recommendations

For safety purposes, keep the temperature of your water heater dial set at or below the recommended factory setting listed on the water heater or in the handbook. Beyond that setting will substantially increase the potentiality for scalding.

All water heaters are mandated by law to be outfitted with a temperature and pressure relief valve (t & p valve) as a safety component to avoid damage from excessive pressure > 150 psi or temperature > 210 degrees. If the t & p valve is expeling water you should call your plumber immediately.

Flushing your water heater

This is something that thing that ought to be undertaken on a routine basis.

Here is a video about how to do this.  Below is a written description.



The procedure is as follows:

- Hook a garden hose up to the lower drain valve. Place the garden hose in a position to permit total discharge of the water through the hose (into a floor drain, bath tub or street). NOTE: THIS WATER WILL BE BLISTERING AND IS A SCALD DANGER! THE TEMPERATURE MAY WELL KILL PLANTS.

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The Dangers of Putting Off Plumbing Repairs

The Dangers of Putting Off Plumbing Repairs

Plumbing troubles in a home often start small. Many of us might come across them, cross our fingers, and pray that they really don't grow. In all reality, however, they do and will probably grow into more substantial problems that can dramatically impact a household. Even though some of the most adventurous fan of DIY (do-it-yourself) might possibly seek to carry out plumbing repair work, in reality, nine times out of ten it is a good idea to take care of a plumbing repair quickly and expertly before it multiplies into a much larger concern.

It will cost you even more in the long run.

Plumbing situations are usually not self-contained. They expand, get worse, and sooner or later generate huge problems in a residence if left untreated. The money you save from postponing a plumbing repair will approximately double in the future.

Plumbing damage can wreck your personal belongings and valuables.

Water damage are able to cause significant harm to various valuables in your home. Flooring elements, including carpets and rugs and hard wood floors, can possibly be permanently afflicted by these damages, necessitating repairs or complete replacement and reconstruction. Neglected

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